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I'm not able to see who donates, so please send a quick email so I know whom to thank.


Many thanks to all the folks contributing and helping to improve the software in their spare time. It's a tremendous help and greatly appreciated!

And a shout-out to all the donors!

Donors (sorted by year & amount) Last Seen 2020
fwskxgrd 2020 (Panxatony) 2020
iXimus 2020
Till 2020
redcurry 2020
cyrus 2020
Bitsurfer 2020
Sawgrass 2020
dr. pixel 2020
Anonyme Volksapfel Insassen 2020
lkoenig 2020
Nico-Stegeman 2020
karstenl 2020
1984 & Sinchen 2019
kt007 2019
CocoaBärchi & dakapo 2018
Jake 2013
truth 2012
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