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What is it

Saito is an open source threaded web forum written in PHP (see features & tech specs).

For running installation see e.g. or


We had the need for a classic threaded forum but with modern, maintainable and extendable source.

It should be deployable and scale admirably on modest shared hosting accounts.



  • extendable via plugins
  • different views: "threaded", "mix" and "inline"
  • default markup is BBCode (use different markups via plugins)
  • embed rich content
    • smilies
    • html5 audio & video
    • flash & iframe video
    • support
    • code highlighting
    • image upload
  • mark entries read
    • server side managed for registered members
    • client side (cookie based) for unregistered visitors
  • API
  • mobile web-app
  • email notifications on replies
  • roles: administrators, moderators and normal users
  • chat-box
  • community map
  • categories
  • theming
  • localization via language files
  • anti-spam measures
  • SEO
  • RSS-feed

Tech Specs

  • requires PHP 5.4+ and a database (MySQL recommended)
  • PHP framework: CakePHP
  • Frontend: backbone.js/marionette.js
  • BBCode parser: jBBCode